Hi friend! I’m really glad you’re here!

I haven’t used this blog in ages but, recently, I’ve been feeling like there are a few things that I could share that might be helpful to other people.

Let me explain.

Last year, I set a goal for myself. Specifically, it was goal for my small business. And I kind of just set it for shits and giggles, as they say, not thinking that I’d necessarily achieve it. But I was willing to give it a decent shot. So I did that. And then, in the fall, before the year was done, I achieved it. Whadaya know?! It kind of blew my mind. And more than the fact that I had achieved the goal, I became really interested in HOW I achieved it. Like: “What just happened there? And how did it happen?" Who did I have to become to achieve it, what version of myself had to show up for what parts of it, how did I get myself unstuck in the moments when I felt like I couldn't move forward, what did I learn during that process that I want to carry forward and what parts do I not want to repeat.

Maybe you also have a small, creative business or a goal that you’re working.
Or maybe, like me, you’re just interested in how people propel themselves forward, how they get from point A to point B in a thoughtful/mindful way.
See, some of the things I learned, the tips and tricks that I picked up from working on this goal, the ones that helped me most with my business, also turned out to be things that have helped me be a human being in the world. Getting better at small business-ing made human-ing easier.

But I’m getting off track here. And making up words.

Look, I don’t know if everything that I've learned will necessarily apply to you, and to your goal, project or business.
But I've managed to pick up some helpful tidbits in the last year of goal-achieving, the last 5 years of running an online business, the 10 I’ve been a small business owner, the 23 I’ve worked in creative fields, and the 46 years I’ve been alive in the world.
And I think we do a lot of sharing of our highlight reels and not enough sharing of our B-roll/behind-the-scenes messiness.
So feel free to check in over the next couple of weeks.
When you’re feeling stuck.
Or discouraged.
Or curious.
Or bored.
I’ll be here.
Sharing the best bits, the ones that were most helpful to me, on this blog.
Feel free to take what you need, and disregard the rest.