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All photos by Rachel Peters Photography
Shot on Prince Edward Island
Summer 2019




All photos by and of Katrine Noël, Julie Aubé, Nathalie Mercure & Alex Arseno
Shot in Moncton, New Brunswick
May 2019



Where the Sea Meets the Sky

All photos by J Wells Photography
With Emma Wells, Evelyn O'Hearn & Jack Williams
Shot on Crystal Crescent Beach in Sambro, Nova Scotia
On April 25, 2018



East Coast Girl Gang

All photos by Aaron McKenzie Fraser
With Emma Wells, Evelyn O'Hearn, Mercedes Paull-Newton & Stephanie Clattenburg
Shot in Ketch Harbour & Sambro, Nova Scotia
April 2016



East Coast Girl Gang: Behind the Scenes



Mother's Day 2016

Emma & Sandra Wells
Photographed by Aaron McKenzie Fraser
At Crystal Crescent Beach
In Sambro, Nova Scotia
April 2016



Pipe Major Robert Redden

jan29 2015-The Girl From Away-EAST COAST bagpiper-Robert Redden-Herring Cove Lookoff NS-web-photo by Aaron McKenzie

Pipe Major Robert Redden
Photographed by Aaron McKenzie Fraser
At Herring Cove Look-Off in Herring Cove, Nova Scotia
January 2015