Nova Scotia Bound.

If it's OK with everyone, I'm going to start by pretending that I'm not the world's most inconsistent blogger, and just skip to the part where I tell you that I'm moving to Nova Scotia at the end of the month. WHAAAAT?!

I'll spare you the details of how this came to be, and just say that life is strange and amazing, that, ever since I got back to Montreal last fall, after our time on PEI, I had a strong feeling that I wouldn't be here long, and that I couldn't be happier that the current of my own life is pulling me back to the East Coast.

I'll be temporarily closing the online shop for a few weeks, starting at the end of next week, but will reopen as soon as I've settled into my new digs.

I've also been working on new goodies, and there are other schemes and dreams in the works, and I can't wait to share that all in due time.

Happy spring, friends!
See you soon, Nova Scotia!

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