Just A Shot Away.

Holy smokes, this is it! This is our last week. We leave for PEI on Sunday.

It's been a little crazy lately, which explains why I haven't written much. It's just the usual - packing, sorting, prepping, crossing things off the to-do list, trying to keep our brains from imploding. I'm relieved to be getting to the end of this part. I've been preparing for this for what feels like a long time now and I'm ready to get the show on the road.

Spirits are good, in case you were wondering. I wouldn't have said the same last week when I got the flu and had a bit of a too-many-decisions-too-much-to-do-what-have-I-gotten-myself-into mini-crisis. But the things that needed to get done got done, I'm on the mend, and feeling much lighter because of it. For the record, emotions are running a little high all the same.
Exhibit A: As I was working at my computer this afternoon, this song came on and, suddenly, I was balling my eyes out. Don't ask; I don't know. They weren't even sad tears, per se. I guess they were every-emotion-under-the-sun tears.
They were this-is-really-fucking-intense tears.
Goodbye-house-goodbye-old-life tears. 
It's-been-eight-months-today tears.
It's-ok-we're-going-to-be-ok tears.
They were look-at-how-far-we've-come tears.
They were this-is-life-Nadyne-this-is-what-being-alive-is-all-about tears.
I never said I wasn't a super-feeler.

I'm going to Montreal tomorrow to tie up some loose ends. When I get back, the movers will be here for 3 days of packing and loading up my mum's house (including a garage full of my belongings), which means that this will likely be my last post until we get to the Island. What?! Until then, I'll be posting photos of our mother-daughter-gypsy-caravan roadtrip on Instagram (and then forwarding them to Facebook).

Before I wrap this up I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for writing or commenting or following the blog or liking our Facebook page or following our Instagram feed or sharing your story with us or sharing our story with others or for just saying hi. These past 8 months have been the most difficult time of our lives, and your kindness and support... well... please know that they are not lost on us.

See you on the other side, friends!



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