Valentine's Day Miracle.


Today was a big day for us. My mum just sold her house in Kingston!

It went up for sale, and after its first showing, someone put in an offer. Wham, bam, lickedy split! Just like that. It's hard to believe, really, especially considering another house on my mum's street has been up for sale for almost a year. My mum's over the moon. Those were her exact words. Valentine's day miracle may also have been thrown in there.  

One of the things we've been telling ourselves from the very start of this adventure is that we would try to move forward as much as we could, and if we ran into a road block, a reason to not do this, a reason we COULDN'T or SHOULDN'T do this, we'd reroute accordingly. So we started to take steps. I called the owner of the schoolhouse to see if it was for rent, called the previous tenant (twice) to see what it was like to run a business there and on PEI in general, I started a business plan, found the perfect person to take over my hair studio in Montreal - you get the gist. And, slowly, the little caterpillars inched their way forward, and, low and behold (and knock on wood), not one road block has been encountered so far.
How come it's so easy?
I don't know!  Maybe it's meant to be?

Many of you have written to my mum and me in the past week since this website and the Facebook page went up. We were so touched by all of your messages and comments, and very grateful for all of the love and support we've received and continue to receive.

I'll be honest; I was a little apprehensive about sharing all the grief stuff in the first blog post. We don't exactly live in a society that encourages real talk. Certainly not on social media. It's as though grief, or any kind of sadness or crappy feelings, are something to be hidden or tucked away - in a dark room, in a funeral home, in a human heart. So as not to upset anyone. So as not to share too much. So as not to appear too vulnerable. I suppose what I'm trying to say in my roundabout way is that your messages, emails and comments were reminders of just how universal grief is. And, by the same token, just how universal hope is. And it was just really nice to be reminded of that. 

So thank you, friends.

And happy Valentine's day!  
From our little family to yours.



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