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THE GIRL FROM AWAY is a little online shop with a soft spot for the Canadian East Coast.


BESS CALLARD is an illustrator, print-maker, and the creative brain behind English Muffin Shop. She's a regular collaborator at Pure Green Magazine, and recently worked with West Elm. When we had the shop at the school house, Bess was made us a PEI-inspired print, and it sold like hot cakes. You should check her out.

CHRISTIAN LAFORGE is one half of graphic design team SHED E.C. whose work is the perfect combination of simple, clever and effective. Christian and his partner Geneviève (see below) are collaborators and friends, and we couldn't have asked for better sounding-boards and idea-heads. 

GENEVIÈVE LUGAZ is the other half of the graphic design team SHED E.C., and possibly the world's craftiest person. For reals. Everything this girl touches magically turns to awesomeness. Check out her line of adorable kids' goodies, Des enfantillages. I will warn you now; you may die of cuteness overload.

LISE MICHAUD is the co-founder of Canadian online shop, Modern Karibou. She's an artist with a natural, pure aesthetic and a keen interest in design. Lise's beautiful collection of twill cotton and linen bags made their world premiere at our shop at the school house, and we suspect, and hope, that there will be more collaborations with her in the near future.

FRANCIS PELLETIER is a graphic designer and photographer whose work has most recently been featured in Monocle magazine. He's a creative whiz kid who also just happens to be a really decent person, and we're not just saying that because he's our bud.

ANILE PRAKASH is the multi-tasking, tiny genius behind Girlfriday Design Studio. Her remarkably lovely work can be seen regularly in Pure Green Magazine, and has been featured on Apartment Therapy, Design*Sponge and Lake Jane. Anile often serves as a consultant on graphic design aspects of this project, and having her solid and thoughtful input and guidance have been a true blessing.