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THE GIRL FROM AWAY is a little online shop with a soft spot for the Canadian East Coast.



Nadyne Kasta

Régine and Katie, the bright lights behind Victoire Boutiques

So a few years ago (10 to be exact), in my former-former life as a TV reporter, I got the chance to meet and interview 4 of the most creative, engaged and enthusiastic girls, through their performances as part of a weekly event that they'd created and organized called Punk Rock Aerobics. The were the sweetest. And cutest. And definitely the coolest. And I immediately felt a little kinship with them. Like maybe we were sisters in a former lifetime.

Anyway, a few years later, 2 of the girls went on to open a tiny, little shop in Ottawa called Victoire. They've since done so well for themselves and grown their business in such a solid, steady way that they now have 2 gorgeous shops in Ottawa and a brand new one in Toronto. 

I'm so happy for them, and it pleases me to no end to announce that, a decade later, our paths are crossing again, and that they'll be carrying our some of our products in their shop. Jiggity jigs!!! 


Victoire Boutiques
OTTAWA: 246 Dalhousie St (613) 321-1590 / 1282 B Wellington St W (613) 421-0089  
TORONTO: 129 A Ossington Ave (416) 588-6978