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THE GIRL FROM AWAY is a little online shop with a soft spot for the Canadian East Coast.


Timber: The Art Installation.

Nadyne Kasta


So I've been following a bunch of PEI artists, organizations and businesses on Facebook. It's such a small and seemingly insignificant gesture but seeing their posts pop up in my newsfeed is inspiring, and makes me feel a little more connected to what's going on there. In related news, my mum's been watching local PEI news on TV. These days, whenever I talk to her, she gives me the scoop: Did you know it was the fifth storm this winter? The bridge is closed! There was a terrible accident in Souris!

At any rate, this image popped up in my newsfeed today, and I did a little: Whoa!  What IS THAT? Turns out, it's an installation by artist Alexis Bulman that's just been set up in the Charlottetown Farmers Market. I don't know anything about her aside from the fact that she created this little masterpiece but I am not above tracking down said Alexis Bulman once I get to PEI, and forcing her to be my new best friend.